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New House Construction: Energy Efficient, Single Level Home in Mahone Bay

House in Mahone Bay under construction

This 1000-sq-ft single level home near our HQ on Main St., Mahone Bay, will have two bedrooms and a wrap-around covered porch. Check back for the latest photos.

It starts with a hole in the ground:
Foundation ready to pour

Foundation is poured and revealed to the sky.
Poured foundation in Mahone Bay

Framing and cladding

Crane and trusses
Lifting the trusses by crane

Lifting trusses by crane

Roof is framed
Taking shape

Finishing the cladding

Work on the roof

Adding reflective insulation
Shiny stuff, and so effective.

Installing exterior insulation

Wielding that indespensible carpentery tool: the snow shovel
Shovelling off the roof

Siding! Always makes people happy.
Installing siding

Installing siding

Exterior construction

Windows and siding